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Why Is Safe Driving One Of The Significant Aspects Of Our Moral Responsibility?

The usage of roads and streets encompasses a broad spectrum of the population. Transportation is a modern necessity for people of every occupation and age bracket. But when it comes to our moral responsibility while using these roads, not many people share heightened commitment as much as drivers. Safe driving is arguably one of the most inexcusable road safety aspects that responsible citizens cannot put down. 

Where does moral responsibility come from?

Let us start from the core principles that are widely accepted throughout countries, including Australia. Any Machine operator is solely responsible for the usage and damage caused by the machine to other people’s properties and lives. The standards of personal reliability and responsibility increase with the criticality of the damage caused, if the machine is operated incorrectly or merely malfunctions. For instance, the responsibility standards on a team of nuclear scientists working a Hadron collider are far greater than kids playing with paintball guns.

What about road safety?

As we approach the discussion of road safety, it is needless to establish the amount of damage a vehicle can create if it is involved in a significant accident. In fact, the damage increases linearly with the mass of the car and exponentially with its speed. In terms of property damage, we have an estimate that the damage caused by a vehicle to the road surface is very significant and increases to the power of four on the weight of the vehicle. 

Hence, the heavier the vehicle, the greater the damage to lives and properties. Therefore, the greater the vehicle, the greater the driver’s responsibility. 

What about other pedestrians?

When you decide to walk somewhere, you pose a negligible amount of threat on road surfaces as well as other pedestrian lives. The rules of road safety must also be applied so as to reflect these differential responsibility levels on different legal aspects such as insurance rules, license requirements, etc. 

What if we fail to acknowledge this responsibility?

If we fail to allocate and further acknowledge the moral responsibility associated with safe driving, then we automatically enable irresponsible social behaviour, which will have adverse effects on our road safety. Every driver sitting behind the steering wheel must feel a moral obligation to manoeuvre the accelerator, clutch, and brakes properly. They must not free themselves of such moral responsibility; otherwise, they would render all other pedestrians and fellow citizens vulnerable, not to mention public and private properties as well. 

Drivers who do not concern themselves with safe driving must be adequately penalized so that such behaviour is rejected by all other drivers, and road safety is maintained at a healthy level. 


Driving is one of the riskiest acts we perform on the roads. It gives us the advantage of transporting ourselves faster and with more convenience but also puts others at risk when we fail to acknowledge our moral responsibilities while doing it. Hence as responsible citizens, we must adhere to our responsibilities and follow road safety rules, especially while driving. 


Drink And Drive VS Text And Drive: A Comparative Study

When it comes to driving, both drinking and driving are harmful. It is quite an established fact that drinking and driving are risky. And to avoid that, we have to abide by a lot of rules and regulations. Peoples join driving school to learn these rules and regulations. However, these days, the risk is not only confined within the drunk drivers. 

‘Distracted drivers’ are also responsible for increasing the number of road accidents. There are a lot of drivers that text while driving a car, and that is a very irresponsible gesture. Therefore, if you are driving, you should avoid drinking as well as driving. So, let us do a comparative study to comprehend the risk of both. 

Risks of texting and driving

Firstly, let us take into account the risk of texting and driving. Knowing the risks will help you to avoid the mistakes. So, here are the risks. 

You are breaking the law.

Texting while driving is illegal in most places. Well, you can use the phone with the help of hand-free cradles. Besides, you can also utilize Bluetooth to use your phone. To be precise, you cannot touch the phone except passing it to someone. So, you will break the law if you text while driving. This law is applicable even if you are standing at the red light or in traffic jams.

Your insurance will go up.

If you break the rule and get a distracted driving ticket, it will affect your insurance. You will witness that your insurance rate will get a boost. Therefore, compared to the normal rate, you have to pay more money. 

Your car may come across damage.

Maybe, you will not hurt someone. However, if an accident takes place, it will damage your car. And you should know that a severely damaged car requires a lot of money to get repaired. Besides, it will also be hard for you to replace this car. 

So, these are the potential risks of texting while driving. 

Risks of drinking and driving

We don’t need to mention that drinking and driving are quite dangerous. We all know that it comes with a lot of risks. Hence, let us check some possible risks that come with drinking and driving. 

Poor judgment

While driving a car, there are various decisions that you have to make. But if you are drunk, it will be rough for you to make quick decisions, and that could be the result of your accident. 

Decreased vision

A proper vision is an imperative thing if you are driving. Without a clear and proper vision, it will be hard for you to drive. It may not only damage your car, but it can also cause unwanted accidents. 


It is the worst thing that can happen if you are drunk while driving. It may give you a scar for the rest of your life. 

So, these are some of the risks of texting and driving as well as drinking and driving. You have to avoid both while driving to ensure your safety. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Driving School

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Driving School

Wondering which driving school would be the perfect one for you? Almost every driving school excels at getting their job done pretty well. However, each driving school’s target audience differs, and so does their set of services. So, being an individual, you should prioritize what you are looking for and then choose the perfect driving school for yourself. Let’s briefly discuss the different checkpoints before making this big decision:

1. The License Type: 

As human beings, we always go to the ‘Driving school near me’ and often ignore the other aspects of concern. One of the most important aspects includes being aware of the type of license they are providing, and if the school stands out to be a genuine one. Make sure that the driving school provides good and satisfactory training for car drivers, commercial truck drivers, and even motorcycle drivers. 

2. Learner & Teacher Ratio

If you want to receive the best training, then always opt for classes that have a very less learner and teacher ratio. This ensures that the competition is less, and the amount of attention you receive from your instructor will always remain high. As a learner, you should always opt for a more conductive form of training. 

3. Are their training vehicles insured and properly plated?

There lies a high possibility of things going wrong while you are training hard to attain the utmost level of perfection. So, you always be sure that you are 100% protected and not burdened with any kind of liability from any mishappenings. Inquire with your driving instructor that they have an in-car insurance policy or not and only then decide further.

4. Behind The Wheel Training

Always check the total number of behind the wheels training that the school is providing. If the total number of hours is too less, it will become difficult for you to clear the exams. On the other hand, if the hours are too long, then you must assume that this is a money-oriented school.

5. State Approved Driving Schools

State-approved driving schools are the best option to go to when confused about which driving school to choose. These driving schools follow a particular systematic pattern. They will never give away a driving license without offering a well sorted out training program first. At the time of choosing also ensure that the driving school has been approved and accredited by VicRoads. 

You should also consult your friends and family before making your final decision. They sure have gone through this phase in their lives and can help you in deciding appropriately. Read online reviews and find out what the past customers have to say about the quality of the services of the driving school that you wish to enrol in. Reading the reviews thoroughly will also enable you to become aware of certain things that would not have otherwise. Before selecting, always efficiently weigh the services offered.

5 Benefits Of Enrolling In A Driving School

5 Benefits Of Enrolling In A Driving School

If you want to have a sense of independence then learning to drive is a small investment that you should make. It is an important skill that you ought to learn and master. But to learn driving, you should enrol in a driving school. Driving schools will provide you with good training that will help you in the long run. Although you can learn from your peers how to drive, a professional instructor will provide you with a better skill set. You will find many driving schools in Thomastown that provide lessons to people who want to learn driving.

Advantages of getting into a driving school

People should know that enrolling in a driving school has its own benefit. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of enrolling in a driving school.

1. Great investment to help you save time.

Although people often think that investing in a driving school will not give many results, in the long run, it helps you to save time and stress. A car is a complex machine, and you need to understand how to operate it. Some people can learn how to drive a car by themselves, but that comes with greater risks. When you get into a driving school, they provide you with a structural and systematic way of learning to drive a car.

2. Helps you building confidence

It is important to have confidence when you drive. People without confidence often make drastic turns or make mistakes while driving that can cause an accident. With proper training, you learn to stay confident while you stay on the road. You also learn what measures to take when it’s an emergency like your car breaking down. If you fail the driving test and take it again, you start to learn how to overcome small mistakes. This will ultimately help you boost confidence.

3. Learn about defence driving

If you just received your license you would not want to get into an accident. The professional instructor would teach you about defence driving that helps you avoid accidents. If you get into car accidents, then you need to spend lots of money on the repair. Hence one should spend the money on driving lessons to avoid accidents altogether. Every person has different needs when it comes to driving. The instructor will help cater to the needs of each individual.

4. Learn driving from professional instructors

One should not see driving lessons as a cost, but as a smart investment, they make to help in the future. Professional instructors will help you get better on the road and also help learn how to manoeuvre a car. And for those with a little knowledge of driving can learn about their weakness from the instructor.

5. Help get a better driving record.

The driving school will help you get good knowledge about driving and also help you become an amazing driver. When you go to a driving school, it will help you apply for a driving license easily. 

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