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Manu Driving School in Bundoora is one of the best driving schools, best competitive driving and best pricing offering school in your suburbs. Since it is near you, even though we are present elsewhere too, we are your friendly local driving school service providers, offering both manual and automatic driving lessons.

Flexible Timings

We are very Flexible with the timings. You can choose any suitable for driving lessons. Contact us today and book your driving lessons with us

Pricing and Payment

We are known for affordable driving school in the locale. Our price for driving lessons are very reasonable and worth the payment. We have different packages, you can select any suitable package for you.

Offers and Discounts

Call us today or fill up the form to get special discounts. We have new offer and discounts for all. Hurry Up, Don’t miss the chance. Contact Us Now.

Driving Lessons Bundoora

We provide driving lessons in Bundoora. Our driving lessons are very practical, affordable and offer great learning curve for all types of wannabe drivers. Our pricing is worth it and just applicable to various learners like the students, the seniors, the beginners and the unemployed too. Just because our cheap driving schooldoesn’t mean we offer cheap quality training. We just do not compromise on the quality. Therefore, we are an easily affordable driving school. Our services are conforming to personalized training. We offer quality, valuable advice, and thorough knowledge of driving and with practical approach to training. You want a cheap driving school and it is in Bundoora area – Manu Driving School is the best driving school. Our prices match your budget.

Driving Instructor Bundoora

Manu Driving School in Bundoora is a local driving school that is having certified driving instructors. The instructors are friendly and helpful to your requirements. The lessons are tailored to your requirements to easily take the test successfully. Each learner is unique, requiring different levels of help and guidance, while driving and our instructors are trained well to handle just that. All our instructors are certified driving instructors. Therefore, rest assured, you shall be trained to pass your drive test with great ease. Manu Driving School in Bundoora is the best driving school because of its proximity, range of cars used for training, very friendly instructors, driving test conditions offered through levels of training.

Driving Test Bundoora

A test drive is performed to check whether you possess perfect driving skills to handle your vehicle on the roads and in the various traffic conditions. You have to pass the test drive to get a valid driver licence from VIC Roads. Before driving test we guide you each and every step by our certified driving instructors. You can use your own car for driving test but it must have both the side mirrors, seatbelts for all passengers, properly performing speedometer, displaying L plates, proper working headlights, proper handbrake etc. You can easily learn all these at your local driving school at Manu Driving School in Bundoora. You must exhibit consistent behaviour during the driving test. You will be observed for your ability to use the signal indicators, speed maintenance, lateral and stop positions, parking, braking and control abilities etc. You are then tested for your driving ability through the light traffic and then through the heavy traffic roads. Your ability must exhibit your efficiency and your safety concerns. The Manu Driving School has certified driving instructors.

Please visit Manu Driving School website and fill up the form to get special discount. It is your own local driving school; one of our instructors will get in touch with you and answer your queries to your fullest satisfaction.

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